Meme and me

Still bunged up but not as bad as I was, and I managed to go out and do some shopping last night as I didn’t fancy hot dogs for Easter:)

I haven’t felt like sorting out my knitting problem but will try and face all that ripping today:(

This is a meme that I found on ILTV’s blog and thought I would give it a go, although this list will probably change by next week:)

what are you reading now My Best Friend’s Girl by Dorothy Koomson 

Haven’t made up my mind about this one yet, some parts I am just finding myself frustrated by the lead character and have to stop reading, but then again maybe because I care it’s a sign of a good book?
what book made you cry

84 Charing Cross Road

by Helen Hanff 

Many books over the years have made me cry but I do remember the subtlety of this one. 

what book made you laugh
The House that Sailed Away by Pat Hutchins 

A book from my childhood and I would have thought very unPC now but even now it makes me smile the images that it brings to mind..
what book made you rage
This is a difficult one as there have been a few books that have made me raged for the wrong reasons, there was one particular one which was a great travel book with the most beautiful descriptions of sights and sounds but for some reason the author decided to use his last chapter of the book to declare homosexuals as the work of the devil, which was unbelievable not only as a statement but had no connection to the rest of the book at all and was a complete shock when I read it.

what book made you crap your pants?
I avoid any book that will do that as I know what my imaginations like and the likelihood of nightmares but I guess the closest I have got is some of Jeffery Deavers work, I love his mysteries as I can’t always work out who did it which is a must for me, and some of them are very dark..
what book had the most impact on your life?
Unfortunately both books that made a huge impact on me when I was younger I cannot remember the titles of as I buried them from our local library adult section as I had read all of the child section but the titles have been lost in time. One was about the struggle of living under apartheid in
South Africa and the other was a book about the treatment of Aboriginals at the beginning of the last century, they both made me aware of how insignificant my small teenage problems were compared to others at the time.
what book ought you to have read,
because it’s central to your occupation,
but haven’t?
Elizabeth Zimmermans Knitting Workshop 

Or in fact any of her books, I don’t know why I haven’t, I have never gotten around to it I guess, something I should really put right. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter



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2 responses to “Meme and me

  1. ooooh – I’d forgotten about 84 CXR

    love it!

    (I reread it last summer, the copy that my mother gave me one Christmas when I was a teenager)

    thank you for that!

    lovely sounding books. . .

    xx for Easter

    hope the bunny brings you some treats!

  2. Hope your feeling better and had a good Easter.
    What a great meme. I too loved the book 84 Charing Cross Road, in fact, I might pick it off the shelf for a re-read.

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