Just dropped in with a quick entry to let people know I am still around but am not feeling great, just a bad cold nothing to worry about just very thick in the head and a bit tired.

Have done a few things over the last week, we’ve been to the theatre, more about that later and I taught a mobieus class on Saturday with the wonderful Sussex Yorkie and her sister-in-law which was great fun, but all I can manage at the moment is to sit and hug my box of tissues and a mug of tea.

Hopefully I’ll write more when the fog lifts:)



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4 responses to “Hi

  1. Hug x Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Put your feet up and enjoy the enforced rest.

  3. Pregnancy & Colds = Misery. 😦 I came down w/a cold in my 9th month….ugh. I could only take sudafed (sp?) Which did absolutely nothing for me & made the baby kick like crazy.
    Poor Nic. Have Andy take good care of you.
    Hot Tea w/honey and plenty of juice. Feel better soon.
    Love, Susan

  4. hugs

    at least it’s only a cold!


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