Hair Raising

So here is square number two from Daisy, don’t you love the note paper 🙂 Just two to go and then the last burst of crochet to get the blanket finished.


We’ve been a bit busy this week, mostly Andy and not me as have not been on top form all week but am feeling a bit better now. We did have some fun doing Andy’s hair yesterday. Here is the before picture


And here is the after, this is what he had his hair like when I first met him.



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3 responses to “Hair Raising

  1. Awww, the before isn’t showing up ;(
    But the after looks VERY macho..Big, Tough, Teddy Bear 😉
    C’mon Andy…give us a smile!

    And ooooh, will peanut baby be a redhead??? We’ll all just have to wait & see!
    Feel Better
    Big Hug

  2. Now I see it! That’s better 😉

  3. how about waxing his chest?



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