Day Out

So yesterday I managed to go out for thw whole day, now its not like I am trapped inside but have to admit don’t feel much like going out these days.

Yesterday though I managed to go and see everyone at Olympia at the creatice stitching how. I got to catch up with Les and Tess, also Fred, Adrienne,Yvonne, Mary and well too many to mention. It was a little quite in the knitting section which did mean I got a chance to actually look at stands like Taj crafts and Web of Wool although was very good.

Here is Silkwoods stand with Les and Tess hard at work


The best bit about there stand, besdies the wonderful Wool, they are opposite Brandon Mably’s stand, apparently he will be there with Kaffe on Sunday to sign a few books. SO I managed to get this picture of some of the wonderful jumpers from the book.olyp-005.jpg

I was very tempted to go back on Sunday but maybe after a day at Stash on saturday maybe I won’t, I am sure they will be mobbed anyway.

Knitting and crochet wise I have put the skip North agfghan to one side until I get the final squares, I have left it so I have a little room for maouvere colour balance wise. I did get my first square in the post this morning from Liz.


She included one of her fantastic postcards.

My knitting tolerance is increasing can manage a few more rows now until the sickness appears so there is still hope.

Oh I keep forgetting to mention that Dad is out of hospital and back at home, he does go back there twice a week for physio but seems to be doing well if a little stir crazy.



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4 responses to “Day Out

  1. Hi Nic

    Jill and I will be popping into Olympia on Saturday, but hoping to get back to Stash for some knitting time – see you there? Glad everything’s going well, and that your knitting is gradually coming back!

  2. Hi Nic,
    Continue to take it easy and email me your addy for baby bootees etc!

  3. glad things are coming back a little, don’t worry about the going out thing – looking after yourself is the most imporant right now!


    wonderful wonderful photos


  4. Darn – I missed it! Glad you’re feeling a bit better now.

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