Skip North Afghan

As promised here is a picture of the progress of the afghan, although there are now two more panels ready to be attached and then I will be waiting for my last few squares, thank you for to Diane, Liz, Daisy and Fred for volunteering and then I will crochet a simple edging and maybe a simple picot edge.


It is amazing all the different techniques that have been used and the colours are a bit bright in this picture .

Just one more thing for the day, I have been thinking about this for a week or so, but if you have been reading Andy’s blog you know that he has stopped blogging because of some comments, I could say a lot of things but it is not my place all I am going to say is that I am very proud of him doing this counselling and I know that it is not the easy option and I love him.



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7 responses to “Skip North Afghan

  1. Alex

    Just let me know their names and I will go round there with a very sharp knitting needle. Please give Andy a big hug from me. I think he is being really brave xxx

  2. I agree with Alex. I think Andy’s doing really well with the counselling and I hope he sticks with it. On a less personal note, the afghan is looking fab! J x

  3. It’s looking great – I love the way all the squares are (cough) the same size now… 😉

    Good on Andy. Nasty trolls can keep their sticky beaks out.

  4. Nathalie

    Elisabeth used to say “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” Some people need to take advice from a 6 year old. I hope Andy keeps up with his counselling and ignores the comments of people who can’t understand him.

  5. Sadly, one always risks attracting feedback that is critical when expressing yourself online. But it can feel good to get thoughts and feelings written down. Maybe Andy could do so on a site that is not inter-active, so friends can still read, but strangers can’t get involved? I commend Andy for using counselling which is a positive step in itself. If it is good quality counselling, then I believe it will help him. Good luck!


  6. it was great to see Andy the other day (beardy or what!) and to have an all too brief chat

    please give him another a big hug

    and one for luck


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