Hard Desicion

Me and Andy had to make a really hard desicion over the last week and last night we saw Womble go off to his new family. As you can imagine many tears have been shed and it hurts like hell but at the end of the day it was the best for Womble.


Unfortunately when we decided to take on a dog we were under the impression that I couldn’t have children so was never an issue and when we had the happy news we thought it would be ok but as time has gone on I have become more ad more worried about her reaction to the baby as she even has to be between us when me and Andy kiss and this combined with the fact that I could no longer take her for walks as she was to strong and pulled to much for me whilst pregnant (she pulled as she was still learning as she is only a puppy) she wasn’t getting walked as often as a collie should so last week we contacted the rescue centre she came from who have a policy of lifetime responsibility of their dogs and they agreed to find her a new home. We agreed to keep her whilst a new home was found so she didn’t have the trauma of going back into a foster family.

Last night they called and said they had found a wonderful family who are not that far away in an area we know which is surrounded by fields and they had done a home check and were we ready. It was awful but far better for her at the end of the day, so please forgive me if I am not my normal happy self for a while.



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11 responses to “Hard Desicion

  1. We had to rehome our grumpy old lady cat (she was a stray that moved in with us when dumped)when I was pregnant with my second son, because she loathed and detested son No1 and never passed an opportunity to have a fly swipe of the claws. She was jealous of him, of course, and we didn`t fancy that behavior with a newborn. She wasn`t really used to kids and hated them, basically. So off she went to Hubby`s aunt where she found what she always thought she deserved…total Queen Bee cat with a horde of willing human serfs. We missed her, but it worked out best all round.

  2. Oh poor both of you! I experinced this when I was together with a former husband he longed for a dog as he always had one as a child and we took one in from a rescue centre near to where we were living at the time. After a while the little one’s behaviour drove the husband over the edge and he said that it had to go back! I will never forget the drive back to the centre with “Oscar” sat in a box on my lap. Any way I know that it was the right thing to have done as you do too, but it does hurt!

  3. Fiona

    Oh I really feel for you – what an awful decision to have to make. Clearly you had no choice but that doesn’t make it any easier. At least you know she’s gone to a good home. Take care x

  4. Oh Nic, I’m so sorry, I do know how it feels. I moved to the country with a town dog, and she really couldn’t cope with all the temptation.. She went to live with a retired couple who had time and space for her, and I’m sure she was happy with them. For now, hugs and understanding from me.

  5. Awww Nic,
    Difficult as it was, You did right by Womble. I’m sure her new family will love her as much as you & Andy have. You need to focus on that little peanut & yourself right now.
    I see you had a lovely time @ SkipNorth and I was there w/you & WyeSue in spirit…literally -because when I saw all the loot for sale I nearly had an out of body experience! 😉
    Take care & hope all is well with the pregnancy.

    ***those booties are BEYOND cute!!!

  6. What a hard decision – but it sounds like you have made the right one. She is going to a good family and you will be very busy when the baby comes. Better to decide now rather than later – but tough choices are never easy. Look after yourself and take care. xxxxx

  7. you’ll miss her – that’s for sure, but peanut will take over and fill the space soon enough


    with no Womble in between 😦


  8. ooh! smiley face thingy!

    does it do sunglasses?


  9. It’s a hard decision, but I’m sure you’ve done the right thing. We had to rehome our dog after I got pregnant the second time as I couldn’t walk him as much as he needed. You’ll miss Womble, but it sounds like she’s gone to a good home where she’ll be happy.

  10. Hug. It is a hard decision but it is the best one for Womble though. I’m sure she will be very happy. x

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