Skip North Part 1

Ok so I am sort of back in the land of the living, I still have that dull thumping behind the eyes but far better than I was, unfortunately I think I may have passed the cold onto Andy 😦

So more about Skip North, me and Alex went down a day early just so we didn’t have the same problem as last time and arriving having to go straight into teaching and we were lucky enough to get an upgrade in the hire car we had ordered as the original one sat nav (a wise investment after last year) didn’t work and as we were paying extra for it we go a very nice car with a huge boot compared to last year. We had a pleasant journey down making a few rest stops but made Haworth by about 5pm to find Sue already there so we settled down to an evening of knitting and tidying up the last few details for the weekend and a nice early night.

I love the youth Hostel itself as it is full of wood carvings and stain glass with wonderful recreated william Morris Wallpaper with tea and coffee on tap and a new feature this year which was a water cooloer. The staff are wonderful and coped well when there regular manager was called away at the last minute. I have to admit I took full advantage of the cooked breakfasts and home made puddings whilst I was there.

SO I decided to take it easy Friday morning and not head out to Texere but sit with my feet up and crochet some more squares (another 6 completed over the weekend) and I got a chance to welcome our first guests and try and sort out the key chaos, everyone took the slight problem with good grace and we soon sorted out everything and after a couple of room swaps all was well. We did start the workshops a little late but seemed to give a chance for everyone to get to know each other over a cup of tea. We offered four different workshops thanks to Ruth and Liz and some wonderful results were seen from all of them.scu-016.jpgr

We all than had dinner which was followed by a wonderful talk from Woolly Thoughts, now I have collected several of their books and patterns over the years and I absolutely loved the chance to meet them and actually see some of the afghans in real life. After this there was an invasion of the TV room,it was covered and successfully frightened off most other hostel inhabitants except for a couple of brave hikers.


Now I believe there may have been a little alcohol consumed at this point but being tee total at the moment I didn’t partake but I think some fun was had.



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One response to “Skip North Part 1

  1. Hiya Nic….
    Great Piccies there…there’s even one of Blogless Lottie’s stripy red and white wine bag *grin*
    Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather…I hope you get back to full fitness very soon.
    Awwwh….I loved listening to my bumps heartbeats…so special.
    Hugs and Stuff Mrs…and TAKE CARE!!!
    Sarah xXx

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