Hello out There

Sorry about the gap after my return from Skip North, unfortunately I managed to pull a calf muscle (bad enough that walking was interesting) during Monday night that I have spent the last few days resting in bed and now I seem to be coming down with a cold so this is probably going to be a short entry as I think I am going to go and tuck myself back in bed for a bit.

The best thing abouit all this rest is that the Skip North Afghan is well under way to being finished and once I have recharged my camera I will post a pic.

The weekend went really well but only managed to take three whole pictures for the entire weekend, but I am saved as severral otherpeople have a great collection of pics especially Daisy.

I recieved some wonderful  presents, from Rachel these beautiful bootees made with yarn from the natural dye studio



I also recieved this wonderful Temari (I am sure I spelt that wrong ) from Liz which now has pride of place on our mantle piece.


I will post some pics of the treasures I brought when I am a little more with it and a little more detail but my head is to stuffy at the moment.

I have had my consultants appointment today with this wonderful women and it was far better than I expected she was very supportive and all for a natural birth that I want, plus we got to hear the babies heart beat again 🙂

I promise more when I feel a little better. I also owe people e-mails and comments I promise to try and catch up soon .


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2 responses to “Hello out There

  1. Liz

    And did you know the pattern for the bootees was devised by our own Rosie? Glad you photographed the temari (correct spelling!) – I forgot before handing it over. And most importantly hope you feel a lot better very soon!

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Love the little bootees!

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