Almost there

I’m almost packed for my early start in the morning, about half seven, just a few more things to locate and then Skip North here I come, me and Lixie are going down the day before so we don’t have to rush there and then teach a class straight off which will be nice.

I spent most of the day finishing off the notes for the bullion brooch class and cutting and sticking with Andy’s grand daughter, whilst Andy printed off the notes and went and brought supplies 🙂

Sleeping hasn’t improved much so I think I will be the first up while I am away. I have reached the four month mark though in fact will be 17 weeks tomorrow and starting to feel the baby move more.

Hope you all have a good weekend see you when I get back



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4 responses to “Almost there

  1. hope you have a brilliant time!

    love dawn:)

  2. Have a fab time – look forward to reading all about it when you get back!

  3. hope it goes well and that you enjoy it and get some sleep and not too exhausted!


  4. Great to see you again this weekend! Thanks for all you did, we all had a great time!

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