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Sorry its been a while but by the time I have thought about putting up an entry I find I am to tired and it will only come out negative.  So here I am at nine in the morning to see if its any better.

The tiredness is due to problems sleeping something called SPD which basically for me means extreme pain in my hips when I lay down so I am finding that I am getting about four hours good sleep (allowing for toilet breaks) and then the rest of the night I spend tossing and turning (which is very painful) so don’t get a lot of sleep, have been trying to take afternoon naps but my days seem to be getting away from me at the moment.

I did have some fun last week I dropped some kits into Buzz’s new shop in Kingly court on Thursday, unfortunately I forgot my camera but it is a lovely space and she has the most amazing collection of Opal but I was very good as saving for Skip North and didn’t buy a thing although very tempted. Of course being a Thursday how could I resist popping in to Liberty and catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a while, it was lovely to be back and was most upset that the current compny that holds the cafe’s franchise is leaving and it sounds like the new owners are looking to make it more of a resturant so we don’t think knitters will be welcome. You should go and check out Yvonne’s blog for a picture of Jill’s wonderful lace shawl.

The other thing I have been doing has been preparing for Skip North including some more samples for the bullion brooches for the workshop I am taking with the help of Sue just the handouts to write now.


Saturday at Stash was one of the busiest that I have ever seen lots of visitors, Mary, Jane and her Mum (unfortunately without Hugo) ,Brigid (and her wonderful waistcoat), Jan and Liz and many more it was non stop but good fun.



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10 responses to “A bit of everything

  1. wye sue

    Found my notes, just got to have a practice and I should be sorted !!

  2. what a shame that I missed stash on saturday! I’d have loved to see the waistcoat, and old friends I haven’t seen for ages. I used to work in Kingly court (second floor) but the offices were forced out due to redevelopment. It was so central for us!

  3. Ouch – I had SPD too – horribly painful 😦 I’m sure you’ve had all the advice about keeping your knees together as much as possible etc. And taking it as easy as possible.

  4. Fiona

    I’m always so envious when I hear of Saturday goings on at Stash. I try to get there when I can but with my husband away this weekend there was no escaping the children to join the fun! Sorry to hear about the pain you’re getting ,that and lack of sleep must be miserable but at least it’s all in a very good cause !

  5. I’ve found that the only thing that helps the spd is to sleep on another duvet cover which is folded in half. I started off feeling as though I’d fall off the bed but it really is the only way that I can sleep now, I dont get as much hip pain as I used to. x

  6. Have a fab time @ SkipNorth. I will be thinking of you & Sue. Very jealous 😉 Fiber-y goodness & Friends that knit…What a wonderful combination! Enjoy.

  7. all I can add to everyone else’s kind words and support is that my most uncomfortable pregnancy (of the three) resulted in the best behaved baby. . . (excluding the cracked nipples, that is!)

  8. I’m another sufferer of SPD during my pregnancies: was given a corset thing to wear, which helped somewhat – from the hospital’s psysiotherapy department. Also found a pillow between the knees helpful at night. When I had baby number three I was using two walking sticks to help me walk anyway, and the spd was less of an issue. But the pain is very wearing – it’s the wrong part of the body for toothache! Much sympathy.

  9. You’ve been busy! I hope the SPD calms down. HUG x

  10. How is the SPD now? You have to tell the delivering midwife that you have it, to make sure they don’t let you labour in positions that will make it worse. You should be able to see a physio straight after labour too.

    I saw the physio a few times before labour, she gave me a tight elasticated belt to wear, and a doubled piece of tubigrip that I had to wear from below my boobs down to the middle of my thighs. So attractive!

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