Crochet ……

Well managed to get to and from work woth a lot less trouble than I thought on Saturday in fact considering that route more often as a lot less steps and a guarenteed seat all the way so deinitely tempting as the bump grows.

It was a full house at Stash and we were still missing some of our regulars:)

This is the latest crochet project I have started on after the blanket became to heavy to be a portable project.


Its in James C Brett DK Merino which was a great find at excel and may possibly be another blanket.


The squares are from Jan Eatons 200 Crochet blocks and so far am going to stick to just two of the squares, this of course will probably change when I get bored:) The reason for another crochet project is after nearly throwing up on a customer whilst fixing her knitting on Saturday its definitely not quite the time to return to the knitting yet.

Had a nice restful day yesterday but not having such a great day but this did make me smile.



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4 responses to “Crochet ……

  1. those colours are beautiful, it would make a lovely baby blanket. I’m tempted with some crochet granny squares at the moment but haven’t given in to it yet!

  2. The dalek is hilarious (I first typed hildarious, which seemed to fit). Very pretty crochet squares. I’ve not heard of the yarn before but it looks rather nice.

  3. Oooooh…..very purdee 😉 You’ve combined some really lovely colors. Lucky baby.

  4. Beautiful! I think I bought that book in a sale so am going to have to hunt it out now!

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