Two Weeks to go

Skip North is nearly here!!!!! Final arrangements are being made, lists are being made, I can’t wait.

I managed to get up to Excel yesterday afternoon, to help Sue look after Silkwoods stand. It was tiring but good fun, I managed to catch up with a few people I haven’t seen for a while and bored a few people with my other scan picture and made a couple of little purchases, more of which on another post. Just to say I was very good at the Knitwitch stand as I could have come home with it all 🙂

Not a lot else to report on as taking today very easy in preperation for Stash tomorrow, it should be fun as all my trains have been cancelled so will be going on a slightly roundabout way.


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2 responses to “Two Weeks to go

  1. we won’t be at Stash tomorrow (off to PJs) but have a great time – there might even be a free seat to sit upon!

  2. nic, I have not visited your blog in a while- but super news! congrats on the baby!!!
    big hug from NYC.

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