Womble in Disgrace


This is what remains of my lovely valentine from Andy, it must have fallen off the mantle piece in the night and by the morning this was all that was left. It was safe to say I wasn’t very happy but am in the middle of the tedious job of sticking it all back together little bit by little bit.

I did finally manage to get the e-mail togther for the workshops at Skip North and have all been sent out. We also had a Andy’s kid’s visited this afternoon which was nice as we hadn’t had them all here in a while and I am going to tackle this evenings dinner of a stew in a minute 🙂 So all in all a nice and peaceful day.



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4 responses to “Womble in Disgrace

  1. Naughty girl!!! All was going too well, so she thought she’d stir things up a bit 😉

  2. Have just seen the scan. It’s so clear! How lovely to see Peanut swimming around. Best wishes to you all.

  3. Clove oil will stop her chewing on any wood – table legs or skirting boards. It stinks but really works.

  4. Oh dear – naughty Womble. It does look like she enjoyed herself though!

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