Just a quick post to share our first picture of Peanut. The ultra sound went really well and we even got to see peanuts little hands and fingers and was quite happy moving all over the place, and they confirmed the due date as the 16th of August. More later I promise and I know I owe a lot of e-mails I am just going to eat my dinner first.



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27 responses to “Peanut

  1. Hello Peanut!!!!!
    Oh Nic, I’m thrilled, absolutely thrilled for you & Andy. This is very emotional for both of you, I’m sure;) Peanut is very photogenic!! I see the tiny head and body there. Great, terrific news. Enjoy this moment and breathe! Take care of yourself and Peanut…Sending more hugs!!!
    Love, Susan.

  2. Fiona

    Fantastic! I’ve been waiting for your post this afternoon/evening with everything crossed and my heart was in my mouth seeing the picture come up! I’m so pleased for you that you’ve got this far- congratulations!
    Fiona x

  3. Cazzie

    Fantastic picture 🙂

  4. wye sue

    It’s so good to see Peanut at last, you must be so pleased. Hoping that the following months bring you less sickness and more happy days 🙂

  5. Sue


    I’m so happy for all 3 of you!!!!!


  6. Jumping up and down and waving to Peanut from here!

  7. vicki

    Well …not much to say except BRILLIANT !!!!

  8. Janice

    Wow, how wonderful to see the scan, make sure you look after yourself and don’t over do things

  9. Fantastic! Welcome to Blogland, Peanut! Thank you so much for sharing – I am so thrilled for you all!

  10. Jacinta

    Dear Nic, what a beautiful picture! I am still saying a daily prayer for you and Peanut. Hugs! x

  11. Jill

    Hi,Peanut! You must be SO relieved that all is well, you can sleep soundly in your bed tonight and hopefully be more relaxed.

    Take good care of the two of you…..Love, Jill

  12. Hello to Peanut! A beautiful picture. Keep resting and taking good care of yourself – and Peanut.

  13. Brilliant! I’m so glad the scan went well. Now, lots of resting and chilling out is in order…. J x

  14. congratulations again Nic! I use bloglines, and your feed didn’t update! Brilliant scan of peanuts, though I’m crap at seeing all the bits!

  15. Hi baby Peanut, you better be good for mummy!

    Makes it oh so real, really pleased it was OK.

  16. Oh wow – I’m so pleased for you! How beautiful.

  17. Linda

    So thrilled to say ‘hello’ to your little peanut! Thank you for sharing the picture. Take care of yourself. Hope to see you soon.
    Linda x

  18. Well, he/she looks great. Glad it`s all going well. 🙂

  19. Great Work! And I love the crocheted afghan, too. Love your stuff.

  20. Hi – I only just re-found your blog after your move. (Completely my fault.) But what fantastic news 🙂

    I’m sorry you had such a scare – I had something similar with Ruth, and it’s horrid not knowing what’s going on.

    Gorgeous peanut pic!

  21. Wonderful, wonderful news, I’m so glad the scan went well. Thanks for sharing the scan image too, it’s fantastic!

    The blanket is looking gorgeous too. I’m going to York this weekend, but will hopefully be in Stash Saturday next week.

    Take care, rest lots.

    Alice x

  22. totally overjoyed for you and Andy

    take care and keep looking after yourself


  23. Hi Nic, ive been out of the blogisphere for a while so im just catching up on everyone’s blogs. Congrats on your good news, im so happy that everythings ok with little Peanut!


  24. Yey for Peanut! Such a great name, he/she’s gonna fight for their corner and arrive smiling!

  25. Congratulationsssssss!!!! That’s absolutely out of this world! I’m over the moon for you!!!!! xxx

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