Blanket Pictures

I know finally the promised pictures of the blanket, I am still struggling to find the best way to photograph it but this is the best so far, just for scale the bed is Kingsize, I think I am about half way there as I want it as a lap blanket really. I am still debating about putting a border around it but think I’ll leave that desicion until I have got a bit further. 


I had a wonderful couple of days with my feet up and resting which is about all I can manage with out getting restless. I was in Stash as normal on Saturday and got a wonderful chance to catch up with Nathalie for the first time, also a lot of regulars that I wasn’t expecting were there and the time as normal flew by.

I also managed to visit my dad on the way home (the hospital is in quarentine again!!) in his new rehabilitation ward which os so much better than the wards that he was in before, good staff (the same ones which help) although he is now a bit frustrated by being the youngest one in there by 20yrs but he can get out know, he has a wheelchair and disappears to the local pub for lunch and things (with the staffs blessing) and he is having his new limb fitted on Thursday, we just have the one problem now which is an over excited doctor who keeps suggesting that he can go home on Monday, this is with no wheelchair, you have to hire your own one you can’t use the one that you are used to from the hospital, there is no ramp up into the house and none of the alterations that have been talked about has been done so he can’t use the bathroom or the kitchen and personally not convinced that the wheelchair will fit through any of the doorways in the house. Don’t ask what they are thinking, I mean I think we could manage for a weekend but not seven days a week.

I’m off for my scan tomorrow afternoon, and it can’t be soon enough as have had a couple of bouts of cramps today, so if all is well there should be a little picture of peanut up here tomorrow night and a more accurate birth date.



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13 responses to “Blanket Pictures

  1. I hope it all goes well tomorrow.

  2. Good luck with the scan. Try not to be too worried at every twinge, btw. You`re going to get one heck of a lot more twinges and tweeks, and they`re all totally normal.

  3. Very exciting news!!! Good luck drinking all your water for the ultrasound/scan;) (torture, but definately worth it!) Can’t wait to see your little peanut.
    Your afghan is really coming along. Looks fantastic!

  4. Gorgeous blanket – snuggly and cheering. I like it very much.
    Good luck with the scan – thinking of you and praying all is well. Hugs, Sue xxx

  5. Can’t believe they want to discharge your Dad without an occupational therapist’s assessment with him on a home visit. In your condition, you’re not fit to help as much as he may need… Also, are wheelchairs really not supplied in your area? Might be worth contacting his GP to express your concerns and find out what community services are really available… And this is a rehab ward? Sheesh!

  6. Lovely blanket. I hope the scan goes well tomorrow – fingers crossed!

  7. That’s a stunning blanket you have there – I love the colours. The advice I have to offer re your Dad is to try and speak to someone in authority rather than his own doctors and nurses. And I’m looking forward to hearing about your scan. Good luck x

  8. Alex

    Am trying to hold back from texting…..have everything crossed xxx

  9. Lovelly blanket.

    As for them discharging your dad, that is unthinkable without the proper supports and alterations in place. You are not able to help on a regular basis and shouldn’t be expected to be either.

  10. Forgot to say, you don’t need the extra stress of your dad being at home right now. You need to put yourself first at the moment.

  11. what a glorius and wonderful piece!


  12. (that was supposed to be glorious!)

  13. hickorypill2

    Fabulous blanket , I too found N.H.S direct very helpful recently when my husband was seriously ill and no-one was listening. Just the support of a listening voice was helpful in my pressing untill he was seen at the hospital.

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