Two Days

To start with if you are not intrested in the on going saga of my pregnancy feel free to skip to the picture of the flowers ( I do understand as this is supposed to be a knitting blog).

For those of you brave enough to carry on reading we have had a rough couple of days, Tuesday was actually mine and Andy’s first year anniversary and all sort if plans had been made including a few suprises that Andy had arranged, well all did not go to plan as he woke at 6:30 am to find me in floods of tears as I had discovered some spotting on my daily 5:30am loo run, I hadn’t woken him as I wanted to be sure and waited a little while to confirm it was what I thought it was, well after calming down we called NHS Direct and I was very impressed within 15mins a nurse rang me back and made me feel a whole lot better saying that it was probably nothing and  that it often happens and to take it easy and recommended just taking nice and easy for the rest if the day and arrange to go and see my GP.

She was very good, very calming so I put my feet up and Andy made me a nice sweet tea and we distracted each other until the doctors opened at 9am and I actually managed to get an appointment, by which point I had gained some lower back pain to but ignored it as I am suffering at night anyway with my hips. We had Andy’s Son staying so we decided to keep things as normal as possible until we knew there was something to worry about I went to the GP on my own, it is only at the end of the road.

So I get there and get to see the doctor pretty quickly, they do have to sort out the arrangement of their rooms out as all the antenatal care is done up a very dodgy flight of stairs. So I went through it all again and to skip to the end bit she basically said that she didn’t think there was anything to worry about but just to be on the safe side she would like to send me up the the EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) just to be sure. She couldn’t get through to them, and even sent me back to the waiting room whilst she and the receptionist kept trying. I think at that point she realised I was getting a little distressed (well I was in a waiting room woth lots of new born babies!) so she said go home and I will ring you to let you know when to and where to go.

Sure enough withing 15mins of me being home snuggled up on the sofa she rang and found out that I was too far gone to got to the EPU and I had to go to the A+E but had to come via the surgery to pick up a letter. So at this point calm head had kicked in adn told Andy after my experience of A+E that we were going to have breakfast before we left this was now 11am and as I had already had a couple of digestives in the morning before going to the GP to fend off Morning SIckness it wasn’t going to make anything worse.

So we finally arrived at the new hospital at Romford by taxi, I tell you the signing is appalling but with some help we found the entrance which has a very odd system, you have to queue up to be triaged on the red seats, you don’t book or anything and it doesn’t amtter if you are bleeding profusley or you have a sprained ankle, thankfully when we got there the queue wasn’t to long. SO we got into see the nurse who couldn’t take my blood pressure (don’t ask) and seemed incapable of using his computer to enter any notes but we did finally get there and I was designated an orange priority patient and we had to go and book in and sit on the blue chairs and wait to be called.  

Now at this point I had already met the woman in front of me who happened to be 16 weeks pregnant and was also having difficulties. SO I was told I was second in the line after her to see a consultant, this was at 12:50pm so we sat down thinking this won’t take to long maybe an hour, well three hours later the woman in front of me finally gets seen (I know A+E’s are really busy but the only people that seemed to be left in the waiting area were the pregnant ones) and then I finally got called. Well all I can say is that all didn’t go well as I came out more upset than I went in, basically the women accused me of making it up and wasting her time and I should have gone to my GP first !!!!!! Well as you know I had been to the GP and I can assure you I hadn’t made it up, she didn’t do a scan or even listen for a heart beat and said, after I pushed the fact that I was fairly sure aboout the spotting and had been to the GP, was that if I was miscarrying then there was nothing anyone could do anyway. Andy did his best to cheer me up on the way home, and when we finally got home he had brought me the most wonderful bunch of flowers (pictures below) but it is safe to say we didn’t have the best of evenings, not quite the one we had planned.

Today we already had an appointment to book in with a midwife at the hospital, as you can imagine I wasn’t feeling to great about the idea, in fact managed to lose breakfast and lunch (I know to much information) we got there early but didn’t have to wait to long and I have to say this midwife was wonderful, before we even filled in any forms we had told her about our experience on Tuesday and she had me on the couch with a sound machine looking for a heart beat before you could blink. And there it was a little extra heartbeat ( very strong apparently) by which point we are both in tears  as I think we had both come to the conclusion that we were going to find out the worse. She spent a long tome with us going through everything and we finally booked an appointment for a scan next Monday, I know that we are not out of the woods yet but I feel so much happier that we heard that little heartbeat 🙂

I was so glad that Andy was there for all of it, I don’t think I could of gone through it without him, I also owe a big thanks to hos son who wothout question looked after Womble for two days running and wasn’t to disappointed when we couldn’t face going out for dinner last night.


So these are the beautiful flowers that Andy suprised me with on our anniversary, not quite to plan and I promise to stay in bed next year for my breakfast in bed:) I also got card and an e-card.

I got an even bigger suprise this morning as we had agreed just to celebrate either our anniversary or Valentines day but he still woke me up with a card and a present from him:) He is wonderful.

I thinl the crochet blanket is halfway and am now planning for the next project.

Go and check out Snippets who has joined in with the A-Z fun, and my apologies to few bloogers as I seem to be having problems leaving comments on certain blogs as I am unable to see the seecurity word, it seems to have cleared up today so will try and remember what I wanted to comment on 🙂



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19 responses to “Two Days

  1. Jill

    What a rotten time you had in A & E – not surprised you were upset, enough to upset anyone. Pleased the midwife was able to put your mind at rest (and possibly renew your faith in the medical profession?) and will be thinking of you Monday, when I hope your fears will all be resolved. Do take care, lots of rest.

  2. How awful for you Nic, and I know you’re not going to stop worrying, but try not to worry too much, the less stress the better. Will keep my fingers crossed for you on Monday, but I’m sure the scan will be fine. Will read the blog to find out!

  3. How awful for you and Andy – no one should have to go through that sort of treatment at hospital. Wishing you all the best for Monday.

  4. I’m horrified to hear about your experience at hospital and it is appalling that they would put you through hours of waiting like that only to be rude. I’m so glad to hear about that strong heart beat – hope Monday goes well – I will be thinking of you.

  5. Ahhh Nic….You have made me quite emotional after reading about your experience. But the HEART BEAT!!!! Oh that beautiful, wonderful sound! I’m thrilled for you and Andy. Big Hug!

  6. Cazzie

    Sometimes I think staff in large orgs forget they are dealing with humans :/

    Its a wonderful sound to hear your unborn baby’s heartbeat 🙂 Fingers crossed for you.

  7. You poor thing, Nic. The NHS is not treating you kindly but thank goodness for people with common sense, like the midwife. That heartbeat is the most astonishing sound and brings with it such a huge sense of relief, doesn’t it? What a wonderful moment after all that stress. I am so glad you have come this far. Try to relax a bit and look after you and that little person inside you. Beautiful flowers – what a lovely partner you have in Andy. Kisses to you both xx

  8. Fiona

    What an awful experience .I really feel for you but at least you managed to hear the heartbeat at the end of it- how fantastic! I had spotting in both my pregnancies with James and Sarah. The first time it happened we were in Portugal at the beginning of a holiday (I was about 16 weeks) and I remember just how panicked I was. Hopefully this will amount to nothing for you as well.
    Take care – thinking about you.
    Fiona x

  9. Can’t add much that the other commenters haven’t said already. I’m afraid you do meet some unsympathetic staff as you go through this process, but the good ones are fantastic and hooray for that midwife. All the best for Monday.

  10. vicki

    Hi Nic ,hope you feeling a little more relaxed today ,especially after hearing heartbeat yesterday.I felt like I’d been on rollercoaster ride after reading latest installment ! Sounds like you have a fabulously supportive partner in Andy and I wish you well for monday …Vicki xx

  11. I had tears in my eyes when I read about the heartbeat…I remembered how I felt at the EPU when I heard my daughter`s heartbeat, after miscarrying the previous pregnancy. What a relief, no!???!

    Spotting isn`t so uncommon, you know. My midwife told me it was because the cervix starts to thicken up to become stronger, gets a better blood supply and become (her words, barf, tmi!!) “juicy”. I got a fair bit of spotting with my second and third. Freaked me out too, but it wasn`t a problem in the end. It is very different from miscarriage bleeding.

    The A&E consultant needs a slap, though. Yes, she`s right, not a lot can be done once you start to miscarry early in a pregnancy but no need to be brutal about it.

    I hope you`ll show us all the scan pix on Monday??

  12. I had tears in my eyes the first time I heard the heartbeat…It makes it all the more real.

    So sorry you had a scarey/rough time of it. Just make sure you get plenty of rest and do what the Dr or midwife tells you and you will be fine.

    Thinking of you both.

  13. Glad you got to hear the heartbeat in the end. That is reassuring! Pregnancy is always really stressful, especially the first one. I had spotting when I was only just pregnant with Larissa, and we were in Germany. I was convinced it was over, but here she is 9 years later.
    See you Saturday.

  14. I’m another one who’s been where you are. Had two periods during the first eight weeks of my pregnancy no:1 (albeit lightish) and then spotting/bleeding at about 10 weeks with my second. Those two are now 19 and 16. But I had a similarly horrendous experience when I did miscarry my third pregnancy, so I can totally sympathise with you about those insensitive “professionals” – thank goodness they’re not all like that, eh! Then I had an accidental but successful fourth pregnancy – he is now 10. Will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers, too. Big hugs, my dear.

  15. Hope you don’t come across any more insensitive NHSers like that; I’m glad that Andy was there with you. I’m not Stashing this Saturday (too much work to get through) but I’ll see you the Saturday after that. Good Luck for Monday! J x

  16. God, the NHS is really the pits. I know from when my son was doing a nursing degree that they teach them that health is more than just physical wellbeing. Who knows what may be going on in that consultants life but she has no right to bring it in to work and terrify h patients. It must be such a relief to hear the heartbeat and have a wonderful midwife. Will you be seeing the same midwife all the way through now?

    A supportive partner, family and secure home make all the difference.

    Stay strong.


  17. so wonderful that you heard a heartbeat!

    much love


  18. Linda

    So sorry to hear about your worrying experiences Nic, but how wonderful to hear that heartbeat. I had similary experiences when I was pregnant with Lucy, now she’s nearly 21 years old! Andy sounds very supportive and I wish you both all the best for Monday. I’ll look forward to hearing how you got on.

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