Wonderful Friday

Sorry that its been a while the hormones are running at quite a high level at the moment that combined with the lack of sleep there is a great chance that I will burst into tears at a drop of a hat for no reason at all or some paranoid notion so haven’t been in the best of moods.

Happy news though, we went to see this wonderful band on Friday Night (the magic Numbers)


I hasten to add the tickets were booked long before I was pregnant let alone knew I was pregnant. Andy had booked them as a suprise for our Anniversary which is on Tuesday (I know not great planning on our behalf)  as when we had got to see them in November we weren’t allowed to stand up and join in so he had booked us standing tickets at the forum so I could dance to my hearts content. We did uhm and ahh a bout it for a long time, he had to tell me early as he was worried, but decided if we took it easy and if at anytme I didn’t feel right we would leave.

Well I’ve never been to the forum before and I love it, it has a cloak room and a ladies loo with a great attendant with sweets and everything. You can stand where ever you want, we stood at the back so I didn’t get squashed and could make a quick escape if needed. Well I manage dthe two support acts Sister and Absentee, I was very impressed by the first band not so much by the second but I’ll let Andy do the reviews but about four songs into the magic numbers set I had to go and sit down as my hips had started to ache, a problem I usually only have when I go to bed at night, so we went to the back and Andy found me a tanle to sit in so unfortunately we didn’t see a whole lot more of the concert but heard it all and it was wonderful. I missed the final encore as the only problem at the forum is that people can smoke and it seemed that they were all standing at the back so I went outside for some fresh air, we did though manage to scrape enough money together for a live CD of the evnt so I will get to listen to all that I missed.

I also had a fun day at Stash on Saturday where Wibbo brought me in a generous contribution to my crochet blanket, I did manage to get it home and spread it all over the living room floor much to Wombles amusement 🙂 The blanket is growing steadily and os getting to a point that it won’t be a transpotable for much longer so will have to start another project.

Skipp North is coming along a treat, I am still working on me being there (if my scan says otherwise thats another matter) we are having a few last minute problems but I think we have them all ironed out now, or should I say Lixie has everything in hand 🙂 There will be news shortly on the workshops so kep an eye on the Skip North Message board.



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6 responses to “Wonderful Friday

  1. Fiona

    Lucky you – I love the Magic Numbers, what a treat! Fiona x

  2. I am jealous, I love the Magic Numbers! Glad you got to hear them at least, thats the most important part.

  3. very glad you had a good time!


  4. Glad you got out and had a good time. I thought the UK was a smoke free zone now though. I am so out of touch.

  5. Thatcher’s lost his hat – I think I’m going to need some knitting instructions to remake it… I’ve recently rediscovered the joy of all things crafty and have been sewing on additions to charity shop clothes and buying up far too many beads.
    I hope you get over this sickness soon. It’s good to get out and about and I’m glad you can enjoy yourself – I often find myself going to concerts and things and knowing that it should be great but I feel too darn crappy to concentrate on anything and long for my bed.
    Very good that you have an understanding chap. He gets full marks from me.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time 🙂

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