Womble’s Adventures


Here is Womble enjoying the snow this morning, we had about three inches and only stopped about midday, it is still on the ground so I have a bad feeling that it is going to be really slippy tomorrow. I did decide though to put off any trips out so have spent a lovely day in under a blanket watching Waking the Dead (the joy of belonging to Ntl and On Demand) and crocheting away, in fact it almost double the width that it was last Saturday.

I didn’t have such a great day yesterday, I visited the midwife who could do nothing to alleviate any of my fears, I did get a letter about my scan, though not a date. I apparently have to go up to the hospital next Wednesday and register with a community midwife who has to confirm my pregnancy and then I have to go and book a scan. Now don’t get me wrong the midwife I saw was lovely but I do feel like I am being punished for not being able to register with a doctor till recently although I have been trying since November. I will be 14 weeks by Wednesday and as far as I have read the dating scan is usually done in the 12th week and it looks like I am not going to get ine util I am well into my 15th. Ok will stop whinging now.

A piece of good news though I can finally reveal the person I have been spoiling as part of SP9. It was Indie Knits which was great as it is a blog I read on a regular basis and have really enjoyed spoiling her.



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6 responses to “Womble’s Adventures

  1. Womble’s having fun there! The weather reports are saying the sludge and snow is going to freeze tonight so it will be very slippy tomorrow. I think I’m going to stay at home and thoroughly recommend that everyone else does too!

    You were a great SP – thanks for spoiling me rotten!

    Laura x

  2. vicki

    Hi Nic, I suppose different regions have a particular protocol when dealing with expectant mothers but you have every right to nag and be insistant ,as for the midwife you saw ,I think they are now trained in such as a way as to be non commital and its unfortunately the consequence of lots of litigation -thats the society we’re living in ! I have a few friends who are midwives and have to be careful just how reassuring they are ! I think you should definately stay put tomorrow sounds like crochet and waking the dead is ideal to while away your day in the warm. I know with each pregnancy I’ve had it’s been an uneasy time until dates are confirmed and I’ve been “under the wing ” of the hospital..and I don’t see you as the whingy type somehow and if you want to from time to time then you so you should ! And Womble looks very happy … Vicki xxx

  3. Womble looks like she’s having more fun than Max, who has been sleeping on the sofa most of the day, going out only when necessary! Take care in the ice and try to get that scan date. I know it would be a stretch but you can get scans privately (although the NHS should get its act together) and it might be worth considering, to get one urgently -otherwise you might miss the nuchal scan window (I think it might be 13 weeks), if that is you want a nuchal.

  4. Heya! Thanks for tagging me;) I’m going to try…(it’s a tough one and long..) but Blogger is misbehaving..Again. Oh well.

    Your Womble is very photogenic btw, and looks perfectly at home in snow! And about your uneasiness..I’m sure when the nurse confirms your pregnancy she will hopefully let you hear the heartbeat…and fears will fly out the window;) But in the meantime….crochet, crochet away!
    Hugs & Prayers,

  5. Well, the baby will do what babies do, with or without scans. It used to be that the first scan wasn`t till fourteen or sixteen weeks anyway. And no-one did anything to confirm any of my pregnancies…they just took my word that the stick turned blue in the right box.

    However it might be worth being pretty insistant when you go to the community midwife next Wednesday. Depends who you get, of course…some are more responsive to being cried on than others, but all are keen to avoid you getting overstressed. I remember my head midwife taking on the consultant over something that was stressing me out…and winning. Keep plugging away!

  6. hope it goes well tomorrow


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