I’ve been tagged by Little Lixie to find words for all of the alphabet (except X,y and z) to describe myself so here goes.

A – Ample and happy to be 🙂 any other ample ladies out there should check out Ample Knitters

B – Bargain Lover this is why I think Andy dreads me coming back from Asda as he is never quite sure what I’ll return with last week though managed to get a nice beef joint originally prices at nine pound for one pound twenty three pence but it does mean we have ten tons of basmati rice in the cupboard.

C- Colour Lover rainbow all the way

D- Dreamer always 🙂

E- Enthusiastic

F- Fairy Elephant my parents nick name for me as a child (I am looking forward to the years of therapy this will lead to)

G- Generous or so Andy says not convinced about this one myself

H- Hormonal trust me anything at the moment will set me off crying worse than normal. Two for this one I am also a Horder

I- Idealistic unfortunately this can lead to great upset over the years as sometimes my expectations of other humans is far to high. Also Impulsive and Instinctive.

J- Just (as in justice) apparently I treat people equally no matter who or what they are (another of Andy’s observations).

K- Knitter

L- Loner I am really not very good in crowds of people I am far happier tucked away somewhere on my own.

M- Multi Tasker, I know most women are good at this but I think it still amazes people that I can knit read and watch TV at the same time whilst thinking about tonights dinner.

N- Nervous although apparently it doesn’t show but suffer a lot from nerves when going into a new experience but apparently this usually means I talk ten to the dozen.

O- Open sometimes to open

P- Photographer or so I would like to hope one day.

Q-Questioning apparently I don’t tend to take things as face value and need to find out both sides of situations (this was suggested by Andy)

R- Reader not as much as when I was younger as I would read anything that didn’t move, don’t find I do as much these days although since I have been travelling back to visit dad in hospital I have found a few more hours.

S- Sculptor, my one true love (besides Andy of course) I can also be Stubborn

T- Tatter well should I say a prospective tatter as its one of the things my Nans didn’t teach me before they died.

U- Uncomfortable not normally but at the moment the baby is making sleeping very difficult and sitting in certain positions for long periods of time not possible but it will all be worth it 🙂

V- Varied apparently I have more than one spring to my bow

W- Worrier , I have always been one of these I think some people just are, I not only worry about my things but everybody elses problems as well.

I know I cheated a little but now I have to tag five people, I don’t usually do this but just this once I tag Susan,Thumb Gusset, Andy, Ingrid and Wibbo.

On the home front, no news on the scan but have taken advice from you all and made an appointment with the midwife firstly to chase up this scan but secondly to put my mind at rest about a few things.

Dads quarentine has been lifted and Dad’s doctor has even said that there is no reason for him not to go to the local Pub or Pizza express. We did finally tell him that I was pregnant not sure what I was expecting but he kind of said congratulations and carried on atlking about something else.



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3 responses to “Alphabet

  1. I think you are one of the most generous people I know


  2. We have a lot in common, even though I am not pregnant!

  3. Thanks for tagging me – I’m a tag virgin! Still working on my list…it is a bit revealing, isn’t it!
    Glad the quarantine has been lifted and I really hope your scan date comes through soon.

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