A Crocheting We Go


As you can see I am still crocheting away and enjoying every minute of it, I am using it as a bit of a stash buster at the moment.

I was a little happier today as the sickness came back, I know that sounds a little odd but it makes me feel still pregnant, still no news on a scan date though but have made it to twelve weeks:)

On the dad front, well he seems to be more cheerful but I decided not to visit him at the moment as the entirity of Charing cross has an infection problem, they aren’t even accepting new patients at the moment and no patients can leave ther wards, not even to go for physio threrapy so they have set up some gym stuff in their TV room on Dads ward. All visitors have to apron and glove up and eveything is being disinfected, this isn’t just his ward its the whole hospital so to be on the safe side have decided to stay away until I find out what the virus is.



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5 responses to “A Crocheting We Go

  1. Lixie

    Think you are quite right to stay clear til they find out what the infection is at Charing X. I have long believed that estate agents are a lower form of life. I met a nice one once but she emigrated to NZ in 1998 and I haven’t met a nice one since. They lie, cheat, mislead, make promises they have no intention of keeping and then play the innocent when you find them out. It’s sad but I’ve found it saves time to just loathe them from the moment they enter your sphere of life.

  2. You are definitely right to stay away especially with your pregnancy though it must be incredibly hard. You’re doing really well on that crochet project. Hug x

  3. that’s terrible about the hospital infection – hope things get safe enough soon. Definitely a good idea to stay away while pregnant.

    Don’t let the sickness get you down.

    nice crochet!

  4. Look @ you go, working the Hook!!! I love it;) and congrats on the 3 month mark!!!
    I hope things clear up at the hospital & you are able to visit your Dad soon.
    Big Hug & Prayers,

  5. what a beautiful piece!! you are so talented. . .

    (was that a T? gotta go check!)

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