From Good to bad


Live seems to work like that at the moment, I had a good weekend a lovely day on Sunday just me and Andy getting to spend time together and him not minding that I spent most of it napping, I also found out thanks to a wonderful gift from Wibbo that crochet doesn’t make me sick so now have something to do as you can see. She also gave me Piece work knitting with a wonderful article on two strand colour knitting for mittens so I can plot away. The crochet has also grown since the picture, hopefully I’ll post a pic tomorrow.

Then on Monday I got my wonderful SP parcel, I also worked out if I cut out a lot of the dairy from my diet my morning sickness was a lot less. We also finally managed to sort out some benefits we are due that we have been trying to get sorted for three months now so I could relax as I knew we could afford next months rent and bills , and then the afternoon happened, now I won’t say I didn’t have a hand in creating this problem through my knievity but all I’ll say is never believe a word a landlord or solicitor says. So now am quite stressed again and still haven’t had anything about an appointment for a scan and as my morning sickness is lessening I start to worry more, all in all very stressed but trying to relax today and do some more crochet. Sorry to moan again 🙂



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7 responses to “From Good to bad

  1. Good about the crochet! I can’t bear to have idle hands either; doing something keeps my mind quiet and stops me worrying. Not good about the stress though and I hope things get sorted out soon. J x

  2. Being able to nap is a wonderful thing. Also, I find reading something that just goes along without too much engaging needed is a good way to calm the mind and take it off the discomfort. At the moment I’m reading a lot of Tom Holt – he’s quite wacky but very funny.
    Hope things get sorted out xx

  3. Well, you`re at 12 weeks now, yes? Almost at the end of the first trimester. Which is the classic time for morning sickness to start easing up, so that`s good. And the second trimester is the one when you bloom…well, after morning sickness anything is going to be bloomin` good, yes? 🙂

  4. Very good news with crochet;) I agree with Wibbo. MUST KEEP HANDS BUSY! I began knitting and crocheting again after I lost my Mom as sort of therepy. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. Keep on Hook’in your piece looks great!

  5. vicki

    No wonder you have been feeling stressed,there has been rather a lot going on hasn’t there ?! Love the colour combo of the crochet -I can’t knit when I’m hung over(not the same as pregnancy sickness I know,and thankfully once every blue moon ) and my crochet is really rubbish !! Hope your Dad is continuing to do well and that Womble is behaving too.Make sure you take every opportunity to rest,be lovely to hear from you ..xx p.s spinning fishwife is right !

  6. Easier said than done, I know, but try to rest and look after yourself despite everything that is going on. Hope you get things sorted soon and that your Dad is doing OK too. We are all thinking of you… Lovely crochet – I must learn soon!

  7. Hope that you manage to rest up. I am thinking and praying for you – HUG!

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