Secret Pal Revealed


Look what arrived this morning 🙂parcel-006.jpg

This is the last parcel from my SP and it was crammed full of lovely goodies, all wrapped in very stylish silver paper which Womble is now quite happily destroying. The pattern is for the cotton and is Blu from Knitty a really cute pair of baby jeans, some wonderfully soft Wools ease (one of those yarns that we can’t get here but wish we could). Some very cute soap and Oreos, we all know how much I  love Oreo’s.


And there is more, look at the cute Panda needles. The perfect notions bag and lots and lots of yummy choclate.


And look at these cute buttons for the baby, they are so cute, I am so lucky she has been a fantastic Secret Pal. Her name is Susan and you will find her here, go over and say hi. The funny thing is that her SP was Wye Sue.

I also got some lovely things on Saturday but more about that later.


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6 responses to “Secret Pal Revealed

  1. wye sue

    It was a pleasure spoiling Susan and by the look of it she enjoyed spoiling you !!

  2. Wow, your pal really spolied you!

  3. Just in the nick of time, with the end of January right around the corner. Whew, that was close;)
    So very happy I made you happy. You are a wonderful Pal and it’s been so much fun getting to know you. Looking forward to meeting baby as well!
    You were very easy to spoil and I wish only the best for You, Andy, Womble & Baby.
    I will definately stay in touch;)
    Sending you a Hug,

    P.S. Say “hi” to Sue (My other Favorite Pal!)

  4. how lovely

    I know you deserved everyone of those gifts! such cute buttons and yummy biscuits and the panda’s head needles and- oh! – baby jeans!!!

    looks like Susan really enjoyed being able to treat you too!


  5. Nic, How did I manage to miss your post of the 7th? CONGRATULATIONS to you both. Being of a similar size, I was also very surprised when I fell pregnant with Ronan. In fact I was in shock, coz I’d been told I would never have kids, now I have 2! Being a mum is the best thing ever, tiring but well worth it.

    Make sure you get plenty of rest and TLC and do what the Dr tells you, and you will be fine.

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