Ok so the predicted snow for yesterday never really arrived just a light dusting but womble has had great fun attacking the snow, for the first ten minutes she refused to walk on it and only then she spent half an hour ir so pouncing on the snow, it was very funny.  She is definitely growing and is a lot longer than when she first arrived, her behaviour is also improving and now answers to several commands, we even have the sit and stay worked out.

I still can’t knit great amounts so have found myself quite restless as I am not very good at sitting not doing a lot, I can’t even just sit and watch TV without something to do  with my hands so have been on the computer a lot in short spurts and have found several inspirational sites.

Firstly is Velma’s World and her free form Crochet from the group she belonged to that are doing a 365 day project. I really want to join in with this but not sure I could commit to that length at this point.

Next up is a link that I have seen on lots of peoples blogs which has masses of charts for Intarsia and Fairisle, I am so tempted after watching Thumb gusset and all her beautiful mittens, they are definitely one of the challenges I want to tackle before the baby is born as I see there not being enough time afterwards. 

And finally this is something I found a long time ago, its a wonderful online Yarn museum for hand spun, all very inspirational.


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  1. Womble sounds like she had fun. The cats are great to watch when it has snowed, too 🙂

  2. hi, nickerjac!! so enjoying your blog, and thanks muchly for the link. glad you are finding inspiration in the http://www.flickr.com/groups/freeformknit365/
    freeform group. just a quick note: it is 99%knit, only about 1%crochet, if that matters. but it would be mucho fun to have you join us, whether as a full participant or one of the vicarious lurkers. you can join the flickr group w/out committing to a year’s worth o’ knitting, if that’s what floats your boat.


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