I know not much snow but it looked magical out of the window at 7:30am this morning if a little out of focus through the misted up windows, it has all melted now but they say more is on its way tonight.

Dad has had his operation and all seems to have gone well and when I spoke to him this afternoon he had already had a cup of tea and biscuits, after all your kind suggestions I am keeping a very clear record of all our problems at the hospital and on his discharge I will be bringing an official complaint.

As for me well I have made it to eleven weeks and finally managed to see the doctor today, thankfully she turned out to be wonderful after all my concerns and my blood pressure is back to normal. She has sent off an urgent referral to the local hospital for a dating scan and blodds hopefully in the next two weeks. I think it will be at that point that I will allow myself to celebrate I think  then at least I know that everything for now is ok.



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8 responses to “Snow

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling more cheerful today and things are looking up a bit! The snow was lovely over here too – I took lots of photos. Shame it didn’t last longer. J x

  2. Good news for both you and you dad I hope. Fingers are still crossed!

  3. A good GP is worth rubies….hang onto her!

  4. Finally! I have found your blog. And what wonderful news! You will be a truly amazing mother and I will be praying that everything OK. I have a colleague who is in her 6th month and she had a hard time with sickness and increased sensitivity at the beginning but its definitely got better.
    I’m sorry to hear about your Dad and the low quality of care. Nobody should have to endure such treatment at such a frustating time in their lives.
    I’m so glad I’ve managed to find a way to get in contact with you again and to hear about your life. My pregnant colleague is totally loopy with it – she’s gone from being a very reserved soul to singing through meetings and smiling constantly. I hope you are similarly afflicted!

  5. Glad things are looking more calm at the moment. We are snowed in here in France.

  6. Lixie

    Hey there. Fingers still crossed. Just say the word when it’s OK for me to start knitting xx

  7. Glad to hear things are going well babywise.

    I’d definitely complain regarding your fathers’ care. I had a battle with Social Services a few years ago regarding my Grandpa. It didn’t help that he was a cantankerous git who refused help but his care improved. As I was 300 miles away I needed to make sure he was being taken care of properly.

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