Not such a good day

Warning all non knitting content.

Ok still struggling a bit with the nausea, it seems to have gone up a level so actually feeling a little sorry for myself right now but I am sure I’ll feel a bit better after the doctors appoinment that I finally managed to make even though I am still not officially registered.

On the Dad front his operation has been delayed again and is now scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, it has now become a more serious operation and is having his whole foot now amputated. We have been having problems with some of the nursing staff again, apparently the sister that was on duty at the weekend has been making Dad walk to the toilet even though he is bed bound under doctors orders and he was told off on Monday when seen by the consultant for walking on his foot  but he hadn”t been given an option, she is the same sister who tried to make dad walk earlier in his treatment with no dressing on at all, this after his toes had been amputated. What do you do I daren’t put an official complaint into the patients Liason as I know that she will pick on him as she has already done so when the doctor had a go at her for making him walk, basically she took away his TV and the use of his mobile phone, but there is very little I can do as she is doing the night shifts. It is all very frustrating and stress inducing and such a shame that this one woman can ruin all the hard work the other nurses and doctors have put in.

Hopefully beter news tomorrow 🙂



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6 responses to “Not such a good day

  1. Secret Pal

    Oh Nic, I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad. It is awful that such an uncaring & cruel person is allowed to work in an environment that should only employ patient & giving individuals. I’m keeping you & yours in my prayers and hope for a change. I am sending you a Hug. Feel better soon. Your Friend -S.

  2. It all sounds awful, Nic. Your poor dad and poor you. Is she a member of permanent staff or a bank nurse – it might be worth complaining to patient liaison just because it doesn’t sound as though it can get much worse. At least then she might be more circumspect. I hope the next op goes OK and that you start feeling better soon. Those first few weeks can be a bit grim – you are sicker with twins, so I wonder what the scan will show?!!

  3. What a pain for you! I’d complain – if she’s doing this to your father then it’s more than likely that she’s also doing it to other vulnerable people. Keep a diary of incidents and dates as well. NOT what you need at the moment, I know!

  4. Sue

    Hi Nic sorry to hear about this person, she lets us all down.

    I agree with Dawn, keep a diary of what happens, with whom and when. DO go to patient liason, the ward manager needs to know what is going on.


  5. So sorry to hear of the nursing problems with your dad. I have been through it numerous times with my mum and nursing/care staff and understand your concerns about any action probably backfiring. If my experience is anything to go by then you get blamed by the parent for ‘making a fuss’. there is no winning. It is always a good idea to keep notes of ncidents and dates etc though keepit brief and don’t make it anothe chore. You really need to look after yourself now even if it does feel selfish.


  6. Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. It is awful that sister is being so horrid.

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