Just a Quick Note

Ok lied about the sickness 😦 It has been a long night but Andy has been wonderful x



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8 responses to “Just a Quick Note

  1. wye sue

    Sorry that made me giggle….

    When working in technical support we knew never to say ‘isn’t it quiet’ … one of the main servers would always go down and we’d end up with over 300 extra calls each….happy days….

    Glad Andy is looking after you 🙂

  2. Spoke too soon! You might find it eases in a few weeks. Good luck with the doctor. I’ve still got all my fingers crossed for you!

  3. I’ve got to mention (in case you’re not aware) but when I hold my mouse over the list of blogs you have, I get a thumbnail popup of that blog – cool!

  4. Yes I do too! How do you do that or does wordpress do it all on its own. Doesn’t take much to impress me tchnically.

    Sorry to hear the sickness is still around but it wont last – honest. And of course because you are pregnant it will be a really, really hot summer.

  5. Lixie

    Bummer about the sickness. Puppy is so cute! xxx

  6. vicki

    Glad to hear you’re being taken care of !! It is true that the sickness subsides ,hope that its soon for you ,all the things recommended by your fans do help if you can face them ! We have a prolific “chewing thief ” in our house too ,particularly loves “killing ” the childrens toys but is very sweet and spotty to boot .Anyway enough of my drivel ,it was only supposed to be a quicky to say hi and wish you well ..love Vicki x

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