Sunday once more


So another Sunday rolls around after a busy and stressful week.

 Dad has had another operation and is now scheduled for another on Monday, the most worrying thing for me os that he is on oramorph now on a constant basis which unfortunately isn’t great news as it has some nasty side effects and quickly loses its effectiveness and the doses are increased and it is very addictive so am a little wary about it.

I did have a wonderful day on Friday met up with ILTV at the British Library to see her book and sit down over lunch to catch up as we haven’t seem each other for a while, its so nice just to sit and talk with a good friend.

I taught a class of Beyond Basics on Saturday with some lovely ladies and we covered all sorts of issues from pattern reading to cables and bobbles it was wonderful and they all seemed happy with what they had learnt. This was followed by quiet afternnon sat sitting with friends knitting including Jacqui (sorry not sure of you spelling ) who dod a beyond basics class with me a couple of months ago and picks up things at an amazing rate and wibbo’s word.

Pregnancey wise all good so far, hoping to see a doctor this week as my blood pressure was up a little last week when I had my medical but should be officially registered by Monday. The sickness seems to be easing a little but I am very tired at the moment and am falling asleep in the armchair, unheard of for me, then of course I can’t get comfortable at night as can no longer sleep on my belly so I apologise in advance if I am talking to you and start yawning.

The picture is of Womble with her innocent face on going ‘bits if rug, what bits of rug, no it wasn’t me I wouldn’t chew bits off the fringe’.



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6 responses to “Sunday once more

  1. wye sue

    Your dog is too cute !!!

  2. Secret Pal

    I’m off to the post office tomorrow to mail your package;) Sorry so late….Your Womble has such a sweet little face, I imagine it’s difficult to discipline such a cutie.

  3. LOL
    It would be hard to find a more guilty looking expression and impossible to be angry!

  4. That cute little face just says it all “Oops sorry! caught in the act”, he is very cute.

  5. it is always good to have a catch up!


  6. I love Womble – he’s so lovely! Glad to hear the sickness is easing a bit. I’ve got everything crossed for you!

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