Fun Day

After two days of absolute hell I have to say that today was wonderful, I gathered with the ladies from the knitting group at Stash to have some dyeing fun kindly hosted by Mary. Everyone produced the most glorious hanks of sock yarn and I had a good laugh and many cups of decaf tea kindly provided by Mary. Look out for pictures on Ingrids blog as of course I forgot my camera.

The other good news for the day is that I have made it to ten weeks and so far so good, I think I will be happy when I have had my twelve week scan.



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3 responses to “Fun Day

  1. Ten weeks good….

    Incidentally, watch out for the bit in your scan when they say “Is there a history of twins in your family????”. lol. And the full bladder. The full bladder is a killer. Make sure you know EXACTLY where the loo is for a fast sprint afterwards.

  2. Of course glorious hanks of sock wool are also great for baby clothes….

  3. 10 weeks is great going, not long now until you get the scan and see the little one – its a very surreal experience! x

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