Check Up

Just a quick entry to say that I am doing in fine I finally managed to register with a doctor this morning, it has taken almost two months, apparently if you live in Romford you have to have photo ID which not having a drivers licence or a current passport means I don’t exsist, but am not going to stress about it anymore but have managed it and might actually be able to see a doctor next week:)

We had a very quiet Saturday in Stash which gave me lots of time to fondle all of the new yarn (a new delivery of trekking, last weeks koigu and my favourite the hand maidens cashmere) plus a chance to catch up on the new patterns.

Still not doing a lot of knitting because of sickness which has reached a new level but I guess it could be worse.

I do have a lovely boyfriend though as he spent most of Friday setting up my drawing desk and somewhere for me to do my creative thing and is now emptying a low cupboard full of my craft stuff and moving it up stairs for me aaahhhh.



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6 responses to “Check Up

  1. Jan b

    Hi Nicky, just wanted to send you both my best wishes and to congratulate you on the wonderful news.
    Hopefully the morning sickness will pass before too long. Try having a couple of digestive biscuits or slice of toast with a cup of tea first thing, that always helped me….
    Luv Jan xx

  2. Hope the sicky thing eases off soon! I’ll be Stashing on Saturday, so catch up with you then. J x

  3. Glad to hear everything is going smoothly, what a sweetie you have 🙂

  4. What a bureaucratic place the UK is turning into! I hought France was bad but I don’t need ID to see a doctor!

    Just take things easy and don’t forget to let us know when we can start knitting for you.

  5. Secret Pal

    Well it seems you do have a lovely boyfriend to take such good care of you. Hope you start to feel better soon….And fondling yarns is very soothing & relaxing…Just be careful when doing this in mixed company. Non knitters are quick to report such things as “strange & suspicious” behavior….they can’t be trusted.

  6. Glad to hear you are doing well and Andy is doing such a great job of looking after you. x

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