Beautiful Present


Finally with Andy’s help have managed to put up a picture of the beautiful silk that Yvonne brought me for christmas, isn’t it absolutely beautiful I now have to plan for what wonderful project I can start with it, a piece of lace I think, not sure what yet. She brought with her when she came to Stash on Saturday where it was wonderful to be back with our familiar group of knitters even if I couldn’t knit. It was a good laugh and got to catch up with a few people check out Wibbo’s and Yvonnes blogs for pics.

Have a bad couple of days of sickness, I seem to be now having problems with strong smells and is the first day that I really don’t feel like eating anything, but I have made it to the nine week mark so there are things to celebrate.



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6 responses to “Beautiful Present

  1. Jill

    I remember when I was expecting my first I had to cross the road on my way to work to avoid the open door/smell coming from a greasy spoon cafe! And I regularly threw up into a litter bin on Earls Court Tube Station……you’ll be over it soon, promise….

  2. I didn’t do any food shopping for the first 4 months as I couldn’t stand the smell of the coffee shop at the entrance to the supermarket.
    It does get better soon, I never did throw up though unlike poor Jill.
    I love the yarn Yvonne bought you, she has such good taste.

  3. The intolerance for strong smelling foods is a primitive throwback meant to protect the baby from you eating poisonous or “off” foods. Just go with it, try to nibble on something bland like oatcakes to keep your blood sugar up a bit (low blood sugar can make you feel sicker) and remember to drink properly.

    Two months down, seven to go. And the four months in the middle is the best, imho. Bring on the bloom!

  4. Lemon and ginger herbal tea is supposed to help. I’m so glad you’re doing well though. Hug!

  5. From what I remember, if those things are happenning, its a good sign. I remember so many things that I normally loved smelling horrible. It doesn’t last that long though thankfully. See you Saturday.

  6. Hi Nic
    I’ve just caught up with your news! I understand that you’re not sure whether you’re coming or going. It seems very theoretical until the little person actually arrives. Anyway, do look after yourself. Anything with ginger in is good.

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