Normal Service

Ok I was going to put up a picture of the lovely yarn that Yvonne brought me for christmas but having a few technical problems so hopefully when Andy gets home hopefully he can work it out for me.

So in the mean time thank you for all your thoughts and prayers they are all very much appreciated at the moment, all is well so far will reach nine weeks tomorrow so is another hurdle crossed. Did actually manage a little bit of knitting last night which was fantastic.

Unfortunately we found out that Dad has to have another operation today, they are now talking about removing his whole foot, which although quite drastic it has to be better than putting him under general anesthetic wuith his heart condition every week, he is very disappointed as he was making such good process and had been told that he was probably coming home this week and then this came out of the blue really.



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4 responses to “Normal Service

  1. Poor dad, but at least while he’s in hospital (bet he’s playing the perfect patient!) they can monitor his diet and the stuff that he doesn’t normally take good care of.

  2. Hug! I will be praying for you and your dad.

  3. *Urgh* for your poor old dad, and hope all goes well for him. I`m sure the doctors know what they`re doing.

    And I`m keeping my fingers crossed for you…I`m expecting to see you positively blooming at SkipNorth!

  4. vicki

    it’s never easy watching a loved one in pain,especially with surging hormones,I too was told not to expect the pattering of tiny feet but now have 3 fab children !!wishing you all the very best and make sure that YOU rest regardless of whatever else is going on around you .. the doctors DO know what they are doing ..hugs x

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