Just thought I would share


I thought I would share this with you my friends, yes it is what you think it is and yes that is a positive result.

Normally we wouldn’t have shared this info just yet and waited for the third month as because of my size I have a high risk of losing this baby (only about a 1 in ten chance of getting past the first triemester) but we have had to tell a few peole as I have been so sick and haven’t been much use at anything including knitting as it makes me sick. I am not sure I am quite ready for congratulations as I am only eight weeks 6 days  and have a little way to go. So I am apoplgising now if I don’t get to knitting groups or am as efficient at doing things but I have an excuse at the moment.

It was a huge suprise as I have basically been told that I couldn’t have children so has never been part of our plans, I am not saying that we are not happy but just a little suprised and unprepared.



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27 responses to “Just thought I would share

  1. Congratulations!

    I’ll keep fingers etc crossed until you tell me it’s time to start knitting

  2. oh darling

    my fingers and toes and everything else are crossed for you

    take it easy – as easy as you can – have you tried those travel wrist bands with buttons on your pulse for the sickness? they worked for me. . . as did plain Rich Tea biscuits

    lots and lots and lots of love


  3. fabulous news Nic, I realise that you’ve got a long way to go, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! That’s why you weren’t knitting yesterday!!!

  4. I know you say you aren’t ready for congratulations but I have to say it – Congratulations!

    I will have everything crossed for you and hope you can start knitting again soon!

    Laura x

  5. Kim

    Great News! xxx

  6. wye sue

    Thank you for some good news 🙂

    Wishing you well, xx

  7. Will keep everything crossed for you! Take it easy and look after yourself. xx

  8. atu

    Congrats …my fingers and everything else crossed for you… yes it is’a long way to go but I am so delighted for you. Polly x

  9. Wow! That`s amazing! I`m really pleased for you both.

    (And morning sickness is GOOD, btw…means your pregnancy hormones are high. It usually goes away in month four.)

  10. Blech! That is the worst feeling – for me I ate little bread sticks all day….and ginger beer. (Something about the ginger)…it’s a struggle isn’t it – to tell or not to tell. Good luck with it all – I cried for a couple of months when I found out about my second baby….dang hormones.

  11. Wow congratulations! Keeping everything crossed for you!

  12. What a wonderful start to the New Year, a sign of hope. Letus know when we can congratulate you and when to start knitting. Baby clothes ae such fun quick projects.

  13. Helen Chisholm

    That is wonderful news, relax look after yourself and go with the flow. Lots of people are rooting for you.

  14. Fiona

    Fantastic news – I’ve just spent two hours at the dentist on this grey day and you’ve really cheered me up!

  15. That is such great news. Fingers crossed that all goes well. Ginger helps with the sickness!

  16. Great news, relax and take care of yourself, ginger nut biscuits help with the sick feeling.

  17. Cazzie

    Feeling sick is good – fingers crossed for you. Take it easy 🙂

  18. Janice

    Congratulations – its great news we should all knit for you!
    Its so lovely to have good news

  19. That’s wonderful news! This baby won’t lack for hand-knitted anything, that’s for sure. I’ll have to start looking for “I Love NY” onesies!

    I’ll keep you and the baby-to-be in my thoughts and prayers.

    All the best,

  20. Exciting news! I’m keeping everything crossed for you and will give you congratulations when you’re ready. Dry crackers and a cup of sweet tea in the morning helped me through the dreaded morning sickness.

  21. Lesley

    Loads of rest, Nic, we’re all rooting for you, such exciting news.

  22. yeah! finally got it to you!!

  23. Wow! Congratulations to you and Andy 🙂

  24. I know what you mean re congratulations as I wasn’t ready for it at first either but it’s coming over slowly if that’s easier.

    I threw up constantly for the first 6 months. Apparently it’s a good sign!

  25. wow, you miss checking a blog for a week and look what happens!

    congrats and lots and ltos of luck!

  26. Linda

    I’ve only just caught up with you news and was absolutely thrilled. Thinking about you and hoping all goes well. See you soon. x

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