I got to the 4th

Now I have tried to start off the new year in a positive way but its damn hard sometimes. I could tell you that all is peachy but I would be lieing,a lot of it I guess is the same as anyone moving into a new house but that are a few other things that I don’t feek like sharing at the moment but I have learned over the last few days who our true friends are and they have amazed me and I am so thankful for having such wondeful friends and then there are those I have discovered other things about but I am not going to dwell and am moving on.

Dad is doing a little better the phsyio is working him hard and he is getting more and more strength back in his good leg, there are still huge areas of problems in the hospital system from food not being delivered to the whole hospital to drug ordering and so on so the sooner he is out of there the better no matter how much hard work that will be.

Have knitted a little of the shawl ut not a lot, am finishing up the end of another ball band wash clothe.

And its back to Stash on Saturday for a day of fun amd knitting.



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4 responses to “I got to the 4th

  1. Great to hear your dad is on the mend. See you tomorrow.

  2. See you tomorrow – sounds as if knitting, nattering and lots of cups of tea will help!

  3. Just remember there is always knitting. Chin up.

  4. Sending you a great big hug.

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