Thanks and Good Wishes

I am doing a little better today as have spent a restful day at work not to busy so just had a chance to sit and knit for a while and just pretend for two minutes I had a normal life.
Things are slightly better, my brother has managed to borrow a wheelchair from work and the hospital has said it will leave a cammod in his room for us to take with him, I have decided all I can do is go over tomorrow afternoon and stay at home with him for a couple of hours whilst Andrew goes out to something he had already arranged, I have to head back by about five to make sure I get that last train. I am trying not to feel guilty about it and really appreciate all the support people who read have given me. I am going to try and spend at least a guilt free day at home on Christmas day, I have to say spending the whole day in my nghtie sounds like luxury at the moment. I still have to finish the shopping, nothing is wrapped I need to clean the kitchen (in the dark as the light switch broke) so I feel a late night coming on.
I have also decided for the christmas week I am going to cast on something new not sure what yet maybe something from the Happy Hooker which Michelle and Nathelie gave me for Christmas we will see, that is going to be my present for myself.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a fantastic New Year



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5 responses to “Thanks and Good Wishes

  1. Wye Sue

    Glad Andrew has things sorted, there is only so much you can do and a duvet day sounds like the ideal way to spend Christmas Day, and it sounds like you need it…
    Take care of yourself and do try and find time for you.

  2. knittingingrid

    You are being a wonderful daughter, Nic. You are doing everything you can and, as Jill said, you have a life too, and other people (including yourself!) to think of. Enjoy what you can of Christmas – I hope Santa is good to you – you deserve it!

  3. Brigid

    I’m glad some of the practicalities are working out. I hope you do get a chance to relax and spend time with Andy. We’d hoped to have my mother at home for Christmas dinner, but the doc decided no after all. I understand how anniversaries can make you feel – I suppose you have to try and make new memories for the day. Best wishes anyway.

  4. Anonymous

    You absolutely must not feel guilty!It must be one of the most useless emotions. My kitchen needs cleaning too (not to mention the rest of the yurt) but that is another guilt trip so I have decided to work on my UFOs (a more enjoyable guilt trip.
    Have a hug

  5. dawn

    Hope it went well Nic and things are ok with your dad. See you soon!

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