And Then There Was Three

Let me introduce you to the newest member of our household this is Womble, she is just sixteen weeks old and is a cross between a staff and a collie and is absolutely adorable. Posted by Picasa



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12 responses to “And Then There Was Three

  1. Wye Sue

    I hope she likes clearing up with a name like that !!
    Hope things are improving, remember that Christmas is only one day and you have the rest of your life to decorate the house πŸ˜‰

  2. Nathalie

    She is gorgeous! But i have to tell you training a puppy is worse than having a newborn! Or at least that was how I felt with Barnaby.

  3. Anonymous

    so beautiful

  4. Sue

    Awwwwww! What a lovely puppy!

  5. knittingingrid

    You lucky thing – I love dogs! She looks gorgeous – you’ll have such fun!

  6. Spinningfishwife

    Puppies are much better than decorations.

    Actually, with a puppy around decorations become somewhat of a liability. I know…I`ve just had to buy a replacement Christmas tree. The kittens killed the first one.

  7. Whirly Sue

    How Cute, does that make her a Stollie of a Caff?



  8. Fiona

    Oh I am so so jealous. She looks adorable!

  9. mrspao

    Oh how beautiful is Womble! That’s wonderful news.

  10. Mary

    How cute! Is she chewing everything in sight? I’m sure she will give you many hours of fun and happiness.

  11. Anonymous

    Awww! I grew up with Collies, and it looks like she’s inherited more collie than staff. Be warned, she’ll wear you but worth every moment of it!

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