I have good friends

Aren’t these wonderful Lixie sent me a present of an ATC file with holders (my latest addiction) but best of all it included these ATC’s, they are so much better than anything I could produce they are a series of three called Nic and they are wonderful. It really helped to cheer me up as we found out yesterday that dad has tohave another operation today, I tink that makes it number five in less than a month, he has now been in hospital for at least six weeks and is quite depressed which is quite hard going for me to, I am managing to restrict my visiting to about three times a week but it does wipe out whole days as it is a six hour round journey straight across london so it is also the worst journey I can imagine with thousands of people squashed into all the public transport no matter what time of day I go. I also think I am going to miss the secret santa this week at Liberty as I just can’t face going into town another day.
House wise we are still desperatley trying to unpack but it seems to be taking forever and I think our christmas isn’t going to be quite the one I had imagined this year as of yet not a single christmas deceration and not a card written, so apologies now in advance about cards am going to do my best but I wouldn’t hold my breathe, this is of course not helpes bythe fact that I have lost my address book!!!!
Knitting wise, the dish cloth craze continues but that is about it, although very tempted by several patterns on the new Knitty as well as the colours in the mission falls wool that has just arrived at stash. Posted by Picasa



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3 responses to “I have good friends

  1. Spinningfishwife

    Hey, you`ve got a roof….that`s half a roof more than I do, you know.

    As for decorations, I`ve given the kids a pack of Tesco Value printer paper, scissors and instructed them to make 500 snowflakes. The tree is currently decorated with stubborn cats. Does it matter? Nope. These are the kind of Christmases you remember.

    Your poor dad, and poor you. I hope he turns the corner and starts getting better soon.

  2. Anonymous

    xxxx. Would it help to stay here when you visit your dad? Usual lack of geography knowledge from me but you can always use our spare room if it’s any good to you xxx

  3. mrspao

    Hope your dad’s op goes ok. I feel for you and the horrible trip – I loathe the underground with a passion and take the bus whenever I can. You need to put your feet up and try and relax.

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