Just a quick note

Justa quick note to say that I am going to be missing for a few days as we are moving over the next couple of days after spending a couple of days in Barnes packing up over there and will be back online as soon as NTL sort themselves out.
I will be in the Stash On Saturday though so anything urgent you know where to find me.
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9 responses to “Just a quick note

  1. Wye Sue

    Good Luck with the move, hope you label the boxes so you can find knitting, coffee and chocolate….

  2. I, like the view

    hope it goes well


  3. Rosie

    Happy move. All you need to find afterwards are your yarn, needles and the kettle! Oh, and your man, too, of course.

    Are those your bullion stitches? Will you be using htem as corsages? They are works of art!

  4. littlelixie

    My god those bullions are beautiful! You are so gifted with your talent for colour and texture and the stitches look amazing. If you do hear about a freeform class let me know! Good luck with the move xx

  5. Maryhttp://thewoolpalace.typepad.com

    Good luck with the move. Hope it all goes smoothly.

  6. maylin

    Love the bullions, I tried some in Lambs Pride Worsted as it is a single ply and it works really well.

    It was great meeting you, you will have to come to the Paris show in March! http://www.aiguille-en-fete.com/

  7. knittingingrid

    Hope the move goes smoothly. I am gutted I didn’t manage to get hold of some of your sock yarn – Thorn in my side looks gorgeous! Maybe some time soon….

  8. Piglottie

    Looks like you had a great time and lots of laughter at Ally Pally. I hope the move goes smoothly, and I wish lots of peace and joy for you in your new home.

  9. yvette

    Good luck with your move, hope it all goes well.

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