Altogether it wasn’t the most successful show fo…

Altogether it wasn’t the most successful show for us but a lot of people were saying the same thing, a lot of customers really interested in things but not the usual big buys.

Talking of buys what did I manage to come away with, actually I was quite restrained, Susan from Loop arranged for an Addi Turbo I was desperate for to be brought from the shop for me, two Jill Vosburg patterns from Taj Crafts, A couple of other balls of yarn for secret pals and some Hip Knit Cashmere and I also managed to get a copy of Yarn Forward which I think is fantastic, the bit I like the best is that there is actually a pattern in it that I can actually just go away and knit for me (very rare being an ample woman) without having to do any alterations at all plus some really interesting articles, it far surpasses any of the Uk knitting magazines to date. Posted by Picasa



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3 responses to “Altogether it wasn’t the most successful show fo…

  1. Woolly Wormhead

    It was a pleasure to help and great to catch up! I enjoyed the bullion workshop with Prudence too – have so many ideas now!

  2. kathryn

    Just been catching up with your blog…… my mother will be happy to have had a mention!!
    I bumped into your Andy today….. he’s a really nice guy!

  3. mrspao

    Before I even read your entry, I knew that was Hip Knits – scary or what? You were restrained 🙂

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