Yarn and tribbles

So finally an entry about knitting. This is kind of
what every surface in the flat looks like at the
minute, Andy spent the afternoon pairing up sock yarns all ready for their labels for Ally Pally and I continued winding kits, I have a couple of new things for this year.

Knitting itslef I am still making slow progress on the comission but am persisting but I have also finalyy fallen under the Clapotis spell I have tried a couple of these on and have found them the wrong shape for me far too short an to narrow for a wrap and too thick for a scarf, so I have narrowed to generous scarf width and making it far longer, I am using hand dyed cashmerino which was originally intended for the curlique blanket but decided the yarn was far too busy so used some for my socks ofdoom (which have been posted) and have enough left to make a nice luxurious scarf and possibly matching hat but will have to find a suitable pattern. Posted by Picasa


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6 responses to “Yarn and tribbles

  1. Fred

    Ooooo do I spy green?

  2. I, like the view

    lovely colours!

  3. mrspao

    I’m probably skipping Ally Pally this year but you’re tempting me now!!!

  4. Piglottie

    Oh, they look gorgeous ***drooling***

    (I might be being incredibly stupid [it has been known] but do you sell online somewhere? If so, where please?)

  5. knittingingrid

    OOOhh! I hope you’ll have some left on Sunday!

  6. maylin

    How about the clapoti cap http://www.almostrandom.com/needlesnhooks/pattern/clapotis-cap/ ?

    I am sorting out my knitting and packing now. As last year a friend and I are travelling from France for Ally Pally. Hope to see you there!

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