Dye Day

I had a wonderful time visiting Silkwood yesterday, I actually got a chance to catch up with Les and Tess and not just pass each other between shows and with Tess’ help I managed to achieve the colour I wanted on a hank of yarn for a friend, it took us about four hours in the end and lots of samples, I also managed to dye a bit more sock yarn for Ali Pally.
Knitting wise I got to the nubs on the swalllow tail and resorted to a crochet hook and have nearly finished the third chart. Also I am all ready for the sock waes tomorrow even though I have to go do a job but at least it will have a bit of a commute so good knitting time. I am all prepared to go out in the first round of this game but its great fun and I get a pair of socks out of it.
Andy unfortunately isn’t feeling to well as we think he has an ear infection, luckly he managed to get to see the doc this morning who have given him some antibiotic spray but apparently since he has moved to this flat his ears have been playing up, feeling all clogged and such but every time he see’s the doc he doesn’t seem to think its anything!! We will see what the move does to it and possibly a new doc:) Posted by Picasa



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6 responses to “Dye Day

  1. Cazzie

    Some lovely colours there – love the one at the back cream/peach/greenish looking?

  2. knittingingrid

    Oooh, it looks so lovely – I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Fingers crossed for your move…xx

  3. mrspao

    Hope Andy is on the mend and the move goes smoothly. I love those colours!

  4. Melanie

    oh my gosh, I LOVE the blue and brown. I think I just drooled! 😉

  5. HPNY Knits

    lovely yarn! great colors.
    so you’ll have your yarn in ali pally this year? great, I’ll be visiting from NYC.

  6. maylin

    Good Luck in Sock Wars. It is utter chaos at the moment.

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