I also managed to get to Liberty last week and after almost leaving
thinking that no one was going to be there I had a wonderful
evening catching up with old friends. Unfortunately I was tempted in the wool department especially as I had a Liberty voucher burning a hole in my pocket and ended up purchasing some of the new tapestry yarn (which I am feeling a bit guilty about now as I have just read about how unethical it may be) and some lovely cashsoft to match, the original plan was to make a ripple afghan from a pattern in Jan Eatons book but I very naughtley did a swatch yesterday, I had promised myself I wouldn’t start anything new until the shawl is finished, and the tapestry yarn didn’t like it at all so instaed I did one of her lovely crochet blocks and it seems a lot happier so I think that is the way to go but I must, I must finish my shawl first.

I was also influenced by Lixie this week as she introduced my to Swapbot and have signed up for the Magic Yarn Ball Swap which seems like it could be fun, check out some previous results from this swap here. Skein also let me know about the international scarf exchange which could be fun to.

I also worked the last Saturday at Stash before the two week break which was great fun there were one or two bloggers around including Flossie Knits who I haven’t met before as normal it was good fun if a little wearing on the feet. Posted by Picasa


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6 responses to “Temptation

  1. mrspao

    Ah yes (hiding her head after ordering some sock yarn from Germany)…

  2. Daisy

    Oh no, I was admiring Tapestry yarn on Saturday. What’s the debate about it being unethical? Is it the Soya content? (did I imagine it has soya in?)

    Would you like to meet up for a brief hello and knit on the Friday evening at Greenbelt?

  3. Alice

    yes, what’s the stuff on tapestry? The only yarn cnostroversiy I’ve heard recently is the debbie doesn’t do cashmere thing

  4. I, like the view

    so good to be back nickerjac, thanks for popping by and thanks for the link


    I knitted a rather lovely jumper (tho I say it myself!!)(using about fifteen different yarns but no pattern) (oops) which I shall take a photo of and post (when I find the camera and cable from somewhere within the laundry mountain that used to be my kitchen) (will that justify the link?!)

  5. Annarellahttp://www.annarella.co.uk

    So far I’ve been able to resist buying any Tapestry {big pat on the back from me}. Why is it unethical? Do tell.


  6. Flossie

    It was lovely to meet you :o)

    I’ll have to come to one of the classes at Stash sometime. Thanks for making me NOT buy an extra set of dpns!


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