After being inspired by Fred I dug out my unfinished
shawl, as you will remember all I had to do was the edging
and have made a start, as of yesterday I had turned the corner at the bottem and have started up the final side another ten repeats to go and then all that is left is the top edge. I am working on having it complete for Greenbelt so I can squash it up into the corner of a rucksack for those chilly evenings. Although in retrospect this wasn’t the best choice of yarn for this pattetrn as it is too highly coloured and you loose the detail I have loved working with it is so soft for a cotton, I picked it uip in New York but I know that Woolly Workshop has started to stock it, The company is Blue Heron which I know is a Mother and son Company, she is a weaver and he started dyeing up yarns for her use and it has sort of expanded, I will definitely be knitting with this stuff again as I love it.

This week I also finished another face cloth for Andy’s Mother in Laws birthday whose party we were invited to on Sunday, it was really nice everybody made me feel really welcome although I was a complete outsider, and we left bearing more gifts than we arrived, lots of wonderful leftovers and even better another wonderful collection of thier fresh vegtables. Posted by Picasa


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2 responses to “Edging

  1. mrspao

    That is beautiful! Hope you get it finished in time and we can see photos of you wearing it at Greenbelt.

  2. Piglottie

    Stunning shawl. I love the combination of the colours with the pattern. One day I shall attempt a lace shawl, one day…

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