I have just joined a dishcloth KAL and although it sounds a bit strange it is really nice to belong to a group knitting the same thing but getting quick results,

They di two cloths a month and they are released over five/six days at 10 rows at a time, I have just finished my first one and it turned out to be this lovely lighthouse.

I ended up knitting this in Mission Falls cotton as this was the only aran weight yarn I could get hold of at the time and used slightly bigger needles but the arn was os lovely to knit with and the finished square is so soft and drapey I am considering making them all in this yarn and sewing them altogether for a throw for the sofa, Posted by Picasa



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3 responses to “Dishcloth

  1. Michelle

    That was fast! I love it. Might have to try one myself. Can’t wait to see it in person.

  2. Piglottie

    I love knitting dishcloths as they are great for a fairly new knitter like me to play around with new techniques and stitches. I love the colour and the lighthouse design is great!

  3. mrspao

    I love the lighthouse pattern.

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