Ok I know

I know I wasn’t supposed to be casting on anything new but I couldn’t help myself this is the right frnt of the Flyaway Free jacket by Jill Vosburg (apparently Yvonne informs me you can also get her patterns at Taj crafts), and no that isn’t wool from my stash, I made a slight detour to my LYS yesterdat KNITSEW in Dagenham Heathway now they don’t hold any high end yarn but stock sirdar and patterns and crochet cotton and patterns going back years, they are very friendly and do try and buy something in there every month or so just to support them. I am using Sirdar Medici and a cheap chunky as I wanted to make a mock up almost of this jacket before splashing out on more expensive yarn just to see where I need to extend the arms and so on and so forth, but it is growing really quick and I think I am going to need less yarn than I have brought.

The other great news is that we have booked our greenbelt tickets and tent and I am already getting over excited not only about the whole festival as I love the chilled out atmosphere this place has but I finally get to meet some of the other knitters there and then of course there is John Bell my all time hero.

Knitting wise I also managed another couple of inches on bruised ego and Pixeldivas pattern with my yarn made it onto Whip Up. I also found several links to this on peoples blogs can’t wait for the first issue in October. I also found this link on Blue Adt be warned these games are highly addictive.

Ok I am off to spin some yarn. Posted by Picasa



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3 responses to “Ok I know

  1. Piglottie

    Have a great time at Greenbelt. We were meant to go last year but had to cancel at the last minute, shall get there one day! Love the yarn from your last post – gorgeous colours.

  2. mrspao

    Have fun 🙂 I heard it is great there.

  3. Daisy

    Hooray will see you at Greenbelt! We did some knitting outside the Christian Aid tent last year.

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