Another week

Ok so the computer is working but now having problems with Picasa so instead of the nice pictures of knitting you will have to do with this picture of something I almost brought (I restrained myself).
We just happen to pop into Milletts today because I have become all excited about Greenbelt after talking to daisychains about it in Thursday and I think I have worked out a way in which to attend, they offer a rental service on tents so it means it might be possible for us to get there by train.
So I really don’t need a new tent but doesn’t this look great, I always love the tepee village at greenbelt and one year I am going to rent one. The other choice was a paint your own but it was a little small.

As for the rest of the week, we had a great time in the store with lots of visitors from Annarella to Noblin knits who got to see the booties I was test knitting for her (pictures when possible) go check out the free pattern on her blog. Mary also dropped by who taught me a new start to my long tale cast on and Nathelie started her second sock. I also cast on the knucks gloves from Knitty in rooster DK in the caviar colour, and am just about to start the cuff on the first one so any suggestion for appropriate words to embroider on so far I have thought about ‘SKIP 2007’.

I have also managed some spinning this week again will wait for pics to show.

We’ve also just been to see the new superman, it wasn’t my first choice but it was something that we could all go and see as Andy’s son is staying at the moment. The first half of the movie was a bad as I thought it was going to be basically a repeat of the christopher Reeve superman but it improved towards the end and of course the special effects were amazing.

On the cooking front with some help from a cook book that Fred suggested I manged to cook a Toad in the Hole last night.

Hopefully if I can get Picasa to submit I’ll have pictures later Posted by Picasa



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7 responses to “Another week

  1. mrspao

    Nice tent. Greenbelt looks like it’ll be fun. I heard it gets very muddy!

  2. mrspao

    Nice tent. Greenbelt looks like it’ll be fun. I heard it gets very muddy!

  3. Anne

    Very pretty tent.

    So I might see you at Greenbelt then? We’ve got our tent, we’ve got a trailer, we’ve got our tickets, but John has put them “somewhere safe” – I’m trusting that he knows where they are…

  4. noblinknits

    Didn’t you think there was too much complicated emotion in the superman film? I always get too involved I suppose. And poor Cyclops can’t catch a break.

    I had such a great time on Saturday! I hadn’t planned to stay so long. I keep the yarn I bought on my table, and stroke it every so often 😉

  5. Annarella

    It was lovely seeing you again Nic!

    Just looked at the gloves over at Knitty… funky! Which design are you going for? Or making your own?


  6. gourdongirl

    I like the tent! I think a pair of nucks with SKIP 2007 is a must for all who attend, so much better than a tee shirt don’t you think?

  7. Fred

    Do you think we could get some of those tents for skipnorth 🙂 Glad the book is coming in handy. Saw copies on sale last week after not seeing it for ages!

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