Other Good things

I also got this in the post yesterday from Woolly Wormhead, it is absolutely beautiful a mix of wool and silk noil. The colour isn[‘t too accurate as my bigger camera is on charge will get a good close up soon.

We also finally got the lead for our new computer yesterday, we have been saving for this as you know the one we have been using is a little infuriating. So we set about setting it up and whilst trying to install the sound it asked us to restart so we did and then it locked itself up, finally with the help of the wonderful Matt who I owe an entire Korean resturant to by now we unfroze but still can’t get the sound working so a very angry phone call is going to be happening on Monday as not only were they a lot later in their delivery time than they advertise but when it did arrive it was missing a vital lead so I am not happy.
Will let you know what happens and if I don’t get a satisfactory solution I will let you know the name of the company.

Ok back to knitting after a wonderful day in Stash’s AC with lots of wonderful visitors to talk knitting and gussets with (you had to be there) I am now off to knit a bootee as part of a race so better get knitting as I will probably be last to finish. Posted by Picasa



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8 responses to “Other Good things

  1. mrspao

    That is beautiful yarn. Hmm … AC in Stash – feel a trip coming on!

  2. Woolly Wormhead

    Yey – it looks great! Photos when it’s knitted up?

  3. Yvonnehttp://andallthatstash.alltangledup.com/

    I do enjoy having in-house tech support but I refuse to feed Matt Korean food everytime he fixes the laptop for me! Call him tomorrow if you need more help.

    I nearly ventured over to Stash today and talked myself out of it as I do not need more yarn and was trying to save money.

    Instead I found a new local shopping area, went to the Next sale and bought presents for my nieces holiday, new trousers for Matt and the new Stephanie Plum for me! – It would have been cheaper to have come to Stash!!

  4. dawnhttp://deesie.typepad.com/

    Oh, I didn’t know about your tattoo! I would have had a look at it. AC is FANTASTIC in this heat, and great company today. I really must remember my camera next time.

  5. Annarellahttp://www.annarella.co.uk

    Beautiful yarn! Handspun is yummy! x

  6. Wibbo

    Hi Nic, good to see you yesterday! The tattoo looks fab – such a pretty, delicate design.

  7. Jill

    Yes, it was a good day at Stash – I would have looked more closely at your tattoo had I known too…..

    And now I can put a face to wibbo too, shall think of you every time I hear the word gusset…….

  8. Judehttp://www.jac-in-a-box.co.uk/jac_s_journal.htm

    Like the tattoo! I nearly had one – I’m allergic to penicillin and someone suggested I have ‘allergic to penicillin’ tattooed on my chest. But who would uncover my chest if I collapsed? (Don’t answer that.) Then I had a brainwave – I’d have another done on my forehead saying “In case of emergency, please read the tattoo on my chest.”

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