I Did It

After 20yrs I have actually done it, pictures tomorrow.

I am feeling miles better still a little tired but much more myself and actually went out yesterday and today.
I’ve done a little more knitting but it is absolutely boiling here, I know it is everywhere but this flat seems a little over the top I actually considered sleeping in the garden as it is cooler than in here.

Anybody interested in winning some of my handspun yarn Andy is holding a blog birthday competition over on his blog. You get a choice of prizes and one of them is a hank of hand spun.

Talking of handspun go and check out Woolly Wormheads shop with her new handspun up which I have to admit I have sucummbed to purchasing one as it was calling my name.

And the best news of all Skip North 2007 planning is underway. Me and Little Lixie are putting our heads together and aiming higher this year, for a start we have an upgrade option this year with a hotel option as well as the youth hostel, but start saving for a knitting trip of a lifetime. Posted by Picasa



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6 responses to “I Did It

  1. gourdongirl

    Where too, where too? I want to come again, it was so fun last year.

  2. noblinknits

    Did what? Well done though!

  3. Yvonne

    So what and where is the tatoo?

    Is the new pc working yet?

  4. mrspao

    I want to sleep in the garden too!

  5. Spinningfishwife

    I`m coming again! Where are we going?

  6. Piglottie

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Have heard good things about Skip North, and its not that far from me, hmmmm….

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