Thank you all for your comments yesterday, I had a couple of questions about the knitting and have tried to e-mail the answers to jac-in-a-box and Piglottie’s Parlour but for some unknown reason my computer doesn’t want to play that game.
The piece of knitting is a sample for the adventures in knitting course and was either aimong for a cushion cover or a bag not sure where its going yet. It is made up from a variety of yarns from my stash including some Silkwood 4ply some hand dyed biggy print a ribbon yarn I picked up from the states (of course have lost the label) and some ripped up silk scarf which was hand dyed. All I have done is knitted a panel all on the same needle size (8mm I think) and then using the naturally undulating sides I have used some of the four ply and gone in woth my crochet hook and filled in the spaces.
Hope that helps, more later I have a youth group to go and play with. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Piglottie

    Thanks for the info! I just love all the colours and different textures. Might have to have a stash raid and play around (although free form is a bit beyond me at the moment!). If you have problems again with blogger (doesn’t everyone at the moment!!!) you can always contact me at piglottie AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk.

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