Thorn in my Side

Ok so not quite knitting, I thought I would show you some of the new colours that I dyed at the weekend for my upcoming sock kits, this colour is ‘Thorn in My Side’ , the picture is pretty true to colour and is a beautiful mix of pinks greens and browns and as you can see in the background I couldn’t resist dyeing some lace weight boucle for myself in the same colourway.

Talking about thorn in my side, you know the newspaper article that printed my blog without asking a couple of weeks ago, well I found out that that article had been republished by a freebie local paper last week complete with blog entries. So I got over that when Andy pointed out to me that the article had been shown again online this time, admittedly without my blog entries but still giving my full name and blog name, I know that it is great publicity for both Stash and me but I am so careful not to use my last name because as we all know there are some strange people out there and I work with kids so I am over cautious about it all. Hopefully that will be it for a while fingers crossed. Posted by Picasa

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One response to “Thorn in my Side

  1. I, like the view

    as ever this is absolutely gorgeous!

    you are a master of hand dying and colour


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