Ok last one, you may need to go back a couple of entries to make sense of all this, I’m to tired to try and work out the legistics of swapping them all round.
This one as yet remains unnamed as still have to try and reproduce this colour way as this wonderful autumny colours come from a two stage dyeing so not as controllable.
I am also knitting, I have been working on samples for both my adventures in knitting class and my beginners sock class but enough pictures for now more tomorrow. Posted by Picasa



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3 responses to “Nameless

  1. Sue

    Absolutely gorgeous! This is definitely my favourite. How about ‘Autumn Mists’ for the name? That’s what it reminds me of, bright autumn colours muted by a mist. Lovely!

  2. knittingingrid

    Beautiful tonal colours, Nic – how about embers or something similar? Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh…
    Sorry about your sock 😦

  3. I, like the view

    what about fades to grey or (of that’s too eightites!!) it all turns to dust?

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